Under Armour Micro Running Shorts Review

Under Armour Micro Running Shorts Review

Taking up a healthy activity as part of your routine can feel liberating but keeping up with it, especially if it’s physically strenuous, can be difficult. That’s why it pays off to invest in the right apparel that can improve your performance. Otherwise, it may not seem as engaging or exciting, and you may be unable to realize your full potential.

Living an active and health conscious lifestyle is what Under Armour has been promoting since the beginning. As a well-known brand, their activewear includes many collections of apparel suited for different kinds of athletic activities.

Under Armour Micro Running Shorts Front Side

With their latest offering of Under Armour Running shorts, they have released a surprise for the average runner and fitness enthusiast, allowing runners to reap the benefits of a good run without breaking the bank.

About The Product

Introducing, the Under Armour Micro Running Shorts which includes an impressive list of features starting with breathability and ending with unmatched comfort. There is a whole bunch of other features that you should explore, so you know about the full functionality of these shorts. Product features:

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    Item Weight: 1 pound(s)
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    Material: Polyester
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    Features Moisture Transport System
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    Internal Drawcord added
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    Internal Pockets are mesh material
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    Loose fit
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    Flexible Materials
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    Covered Waistband with elastic for a comfortable fit

The Under Armour Micro Running Shorts are an innovation in the industry when it comes to sports goods. The brand successfully promotes a healthy and active lifestyle with the high-quality fitness goods they produce.

The newest addition to the line-up of running shorts includes high-performance running shorts that display some of the best features one could look for in the market. The lightweight design of these micro-fabric shorts makes them ideal for long runs or even short sprints.

You can rest assured the shorts will boost your performance; these weightless running shorts won't be holding you down, unlike baggy alternatives.

The stretchable material of the Under Armour Micro Shorts enables athletes of all levels to move comfortably without any hindrances. Additionally, the flexibility of the material prevents any tears due to excessive wear, so the durability ensures that you make the most out of your investment.

These innovative running shorts feature Under Armour’s Moisture Transport System that’s specially developed to wick excess moisture away from the skin, therefore releasing heat rather than keeping it in. This feature allows your body to stay cool and prevents it from heating up. Also, it prevents absorption of sweat which can feel uncomfortable for most runners.

Under Armour Micro Running Shorts Back Side

The shorts are designed to keep a loose fit, the Under Armour Micro Running Shorts were developed while maintaining the importance of breathability in mind. Proper air-flow prevents accumulation of sweat and bacteria while keeping you comfortable no matter how long you run.

Moreover, the loose-fitting design of these running shorts allows a better range of motion so can move onto your next routine. The elastic waistband gives the wearer a glove-like fit, and the covered waist strap prevents the elastic from chaffing or digging into the skin.

The addition of a drawstring makes it easier for wearers to get that customized fit without settling for just the size. The feature of a drawstring also helps in bridging any discrepancies between the size of the shorts and your fit.

Unique and stylish, these Under Armour Micro Running Shorts also keep your personal effects safe and sound with the feature of mesh pockets that prevent them from overheating or absorbing moisture.

Spacious and tear-proof, these pockets can hold all the things that you need to carry such as your phone, keys, and wallet without making it feel too bulky. The stylish appearance of these shorts can be customized to your choice because they’re available in a wide variety of colors that can reflect your personality.

What Others Say

Buyers of the Under Armour Micro Running Shorts are pleased with its exceptional performance and durability. The product has gained a massive number of positive reviews on online forums, and a majority of them have been updated to comment on its excellent performance after many washes and runs.

Other buyers said on the addition of mesh pockets and how it was a productive change that allowed personal belongings from absorbing or being exposed to moisture while staying safe the entire time.

Many users of these running shorts are either seasoned athletes or beginners when it comes to running yet both sides find the loose-fitting and lightweight design to be one of its best features. Furthermore, the Moisture Transport System is reviewed to be a highlight because it improves the users’ overall running experience.

Buying Advice

Aside from its highly beneficial features, these performance enhancing running shorts are also widely popular among the runner community because of their affordable price. Sticking true to their reputation, Under Armour released their collection of affordable, high-quality activewear that offers a healthy workout within reach of practically anyone.

Under Armour Micro Running Shorts

Source: underarmour.com

Interested buyers can purchase the Under Armour Micro Running Shorts from Amazon at the price of under $35. That's not all; you can get exclusive discounts on select styles and colors, only on Amazon.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Under Armour Micro Running Shorts are the perfect combination of everything a runner would want in his athletic wear; breathability, durability and most of all, affordability. It’s the best friend to any runner out on the track and every person looking to begin their journey towards an active lifestyle.

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