Nike Women’s Tempo Shorts Review

Nike Women’s Tempo Shorts Review

When it comes to strenuous physical exercise, your sportswear counts for a significant part of how well you perform. You need just enough room to move, but not so much that your clothes start getting in your way. Ideally, the length should be out of your feet, and the fabric should be airy and moisture-free; you will sweat a lot during exercise.

In short, you need ample support and comfort, and in that case, Nike Women's Tempo Shorts are the perfect fit for you. These are out of machine-washable, sweat-free fabric that has mesh panels for maximum breathability and eases while you are exercising.  They come with an adjustable drawstring closure, so you can make them as loose on your waist as you want.

Nike Women’s Tempo Shorts Waistband

The materials used in the making of the Women’s NIKE tempo shorts are machine-friendly, sweat-free, imported and 100 % polyester.  Additionally, they have a vibrant, pleasing look because of the mesh panels running along the sides. That is one of those top-notch products that you must get your hands on when you are buying sportswear.

About The Product

After all, it is NIKE, one of the best sports brands across the world – plus, a majority of some of the best athletes throughout the globe wear and use product by this fantastic brand. In light of this, mentioned below are some fantastic features of the Nike Women's Tempo Short:

Adjustable Drawstring Waistband

Perhaps the best reasons you should grab the Nike Women's Tempo Shorts is because of the flexibility and versatility that it has to offer because of the elastic waistbands.

These drawstrings allow you to use these shorts in multiple situations; whether you are exercising or lounging around in your bed. Adjustable waistbands will enable you to work and laze around without restrictions or the nuisance of changing your clothes over and over again.

Hydrophobic Fabric

Because these are primarily sportswear, the fabric utilized for their stitching is highly resistant to moisture and sweat. During and after exercise you will not find the product absorbing the sweat and creating nasty odors because of it, leaving you free from the hassle of cleaning the shorts every single day.

Additionally, you can easily and quickly clean or wash the fabric, or you can also opt for machine-washing the product - the choice is yours. With the Nike Women's Tempo Shorts, you do not have to worry about the hassle of everyday washing.


NIKE understands the importance of having enough spaces for holding keys and various other items. When it comes to sportswear for women, pockets are particularly scarce and considered unimportant.

Nike Women’s Tempo Shorts Pocket

NIKE has tried to combat that situation and even in the current Tempo Shorts has added pockets to maximize space for women - so that you can store your iPod or running accessories in your shorts.

Built-In Briefs

When it comes to gripping comfort, the Nike Women's Tempo Shorts remain unmatched and have added to their shorts built-in briefs. There are so many ways you can wear these shorts – for example; you can wear the product while performing an exercise at the gym, running, playing basketball or tennis, etc.

There are so many applications where you can use the shorts! Moreover, you can also sleep in the product or laze around all day watching TV or playing your favorite video games - these shorts will never disappoint. In every situation, the Women's Nike Tempo Shorts have the best to offer and enable you to do so while maintaining their comfort and versatility.

What Others Say

Women who have bought these shorts are in love with them, because they offer maximum comfort in all sorts of situations, physically taxing or not. They love that they are soft, fit perfectly and are just the right mixture of loose and tight.

Additionally, they love that they come in so many different colors, adding style with comfort. The white lines running along the sides only add to their chic look. They do not ruffle up in between their legs and are still airy enough that it makes exercising as comfort-enhancing as possible.

Many women love that they can wear them for not just exercising but also working around the house, and while taking a break in bed. Women’s Nike Tempo shorts are comfortable, sturdy and easy to clean.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the Nike Women's Tempo Shorts for about a $100. Some of the styles cost about $11 while others may cost $200. You can get these shorts from Amazon with free shipping.

Nike Women’s Tempo Shorts


Two of the most critical factors to look for in sportswear are comfort and versatility. The Nike Women's Tempo Shorts effortlessly combine both qualities at a fairly reasonable price –something hardly found in similar products.

In addition to that, they make cleaning as hassle-free as possible, which is also an essential factor in sportswear. If you are gunning for style and functionality at the same time - these are the shorts for you! 

Final Verdict

With its exceptional versatility, comfort and a chic style, the Nike Women Tempo Shorts offer a broad set of features at a budget-friendly price. NIKE, with its excellent reputation, signifies that their clients come first at their company. There is nothing more you could ask for in a sportswear product. Definitely worth the buy.

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