New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts Review

New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts Review

Running is one of the most common forms of physical activity that is embraced by health conscious people because it doesn't require a specialized field or area where you run, and it can be carried out in pretty much any season without being too expensive.

Some also think that you can run in just about any kind of clothing, but that’s where they’re wrong. A pair of reliable and durable running shorts is a must for every running session, and the New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts are perfect for the job.

About The Product

These New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts have award-winning features that win them a top spot among similar kinds of activewear. These offer the benefit of being lightweight, so they don't weigh you down during a run and let you move effortlessly. 

New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts

Unlike regular shorts or cheap alternatives, these don’t feel too baggy around the legs, and that means wearers can enjoy running with unrestricted movement. Product features:

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    Item Weight: 1 pound(s)
  • check
    Item Material: Polyester
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    Made in the U.S.
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    Elastic Waistband
  • check
    Side logo is reflective
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    Features side pockets
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    Drawcord inside the waistband
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    Additional internal storage pocket
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    Inner brief lining

Made from 100% synthetic polyester, you can rest assured that New Balance running shorts won’t be susceptible to degradation like their natural fiber counterparts. Polyester is also well-suited to withstand excessive wear and tear without tearing.

Hence, you can count on the New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts to display exceptional durability that keeps performance intact. Let’s not forget that New Balance products are made in the U.S. by high-quality production standards and practices which ensure the final product is worth the price.

The elastic waistband helps you slip on the shorts without going through a hassle and also give a glove-like fit - which is what you want!

The smooth waist strap will help reduce chafing over a prolonged period of running while a drawcord helps in holding up the shorts and providing a customized fit that will bridge any gap that may exist between the size and your personal preference as to how you like to wear them.

Since regular briefs aren't designed to get you through a good workout, you shouldn't use them as if they are. The inner lining briefs in the New Balance Men's Accelerate Running Shorts have breathable material which feels more relaxed compared to the regular ones most people intend on wearing.

Secure pockets adorn the sides of these running shorts and provide a safe place for you to keep your essentials without having to carry extra bulk. Highly spacious and reliable, these pockets have the room to hold your phone, car keys and a pair of earphones without weighing you down with excess bulk.

The stylish accents of New Balance Men’s running shorts are no less impressive than its functional aspects, and perhaps the reflective logo is what caught the most attention.

Aside from providing the stylish edge, it also adds the element of safety so you can run at your usual place without worrying about the time. The additional inner storage pocket is a surprising feature that you’ll find to be very useful to store any extra valuables.

New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts

Lastly, the signature highlight of these New Balance Men's Accelerate Running Shorts is the NB Dry feature which is their new moisture wicking technology that keeps sweat from being absorbed into the fabric and away from the body, keeping you cool.

That also means that these shorts dry quickly after washing so you needn't worry about giving them enough drying time after a spin in the washer.



  • Synthetic fabric doesn’t degrade easily
  • Can withstand excessive wear
  • Elastic waistband for a glove-like fit that feels comfortable
  • Inner brief is for protection during runs
  • Stylish accents and colors
  • NB Dry technology for quick drying and breathability
  • Secure pockets and additional internal pocket hold your essentials
  • Can withstand excessive wear
  • Lightweight design for effortless movement
  • It may be a bit short

What Others Say

Buyers of the New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts are quite impressed with the longevity that they display and the contribution they make to their athletic performance. These running shorts have earned themselves as a top product on a variety of online forums because of the positive reviews about them.

One of the selling points was the addition of secure and inner pockets that can offer users with the advantage of holding their things.

On the other hand, many users expressed that the highlight was the NB Dry technology that kept them fresh while they ran and allowed the shorts to dry quickly after a wash so that they could go on a run, even on short notice.

Buying Advice

Although the features of these shorts may have attracted a positive response from most users, some unsatisfied customers didn't like the design. The waist, many complained, fit well, but the length was sometimes far too short for some buyers.

New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts


The issue can be resolved, however, by purchasing a larger size and adjusting it with the help of the drawcord. Aside from the minor point, the price of New Balance men’s running shorts is something that will make you happy.

Interested buyers can purchase the New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts from Amazon at the price of under $42. What’s more is that you can even get exclusive discounts on selected styles and sizes, only by purchasing it from Amazon. 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, you can't argue that the New Balance Men's Accelerate Running Shorts are impressive examples of prime activewear that enhance performance. They make a great addition to anyone’s closet that’s looking for a way to boost their daily run or merely start off a healthier lifestyle. 

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