Fitbit Review 2020

fitbit review 2020

This is our full Fitbit Review 2020

With an abundance of different Fitbit’s currently available on the market, now is a better time than ever to invest in one of these nifty devices.

Whether you want to count your steps, find out how many calories you burnt in that intense gym session, or track your sleep quality, there’s a Fitbit out there for you!

Does Fitbit work without a phone?

While you can use any Fitbit device without a tracker, a phone with Bluetooth and an internet connection is necessary to use the health and sleep-tracking services.

It’s also needed to record your daily information.

However, If you’re just interested in your day-to-day activity tracking, then a phone is not necessary (but still recommended).

1. Fitbit Ionic 

Fitbit Ionic is a premium Fitbit with all the newest, fanciest features for fitness enthusiasts.

It offers excellent tracking for sleep, walking, running, swimming and sleeping. It gives you handy reminders to exercise, as well as call, text and calendar notifications.

The device has a crisp color screen and the ability to play over 300 songs.

It also has a great battery life, lasting up to four days, whereas other smartwatches may only last a day. While the device is one of the priciest out there, it’s definitely worth it for those who want all their fitness needs on one device.

The OS can be a bit slow, however, and while it does attempt to combine all the feature of a Fitbit and smartwatch, it does lack somewhat in the latter’s department. Still, it’s a fantastic device for those who want to get a lot more out of their fitness.

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2. Fitbit Versa Lite

This Fitbit is fantastic value for money and is perfect for anyone looking to improve their fitness on a limited budget, as it’s considerably cheaper than the Ionic.

It does, however, offer many of the same capabilities, such as sleeping and fitness tracking, water resistance, and a color screen.

It has a simple UI for easy-use during workouts and a great battery life. Unlike the more high-end Fitbits, however, there’s no way to store music and no integrated GPS. This means you’ll have to bring your phone with you for accurate GPS tracking.

It also doesn’t have an altimeter, so it can’t track swimming or water-based activities. In fact, there’s only a limited range of sports that it can track. So, if you’re into more complex workouts, then maybe this device isn’t for you.

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3. Fitbit Flex 2

This Fitbit has a more subtle, unobtrusive design.

Being much less bulky than the previous devices on this list, it can be worn with any outfit, in any context.

It’s even sleek enough to be worn with a watch or bracelet. If you’re interested in taking your Fitbit to work or while conducting day-to-day activities, then this is the perfect Fitbit for you.

It offers step, sleep and swim tracking. It also reminds you to exercise if it notices that you haven’t been moving much that day. Its design, however, may be a little too minimalistic for some, as it does lack a screen.

While the pulsing indicator lights on the device gives you a rough indication of your daily progress (each dot is worth 20 percent of your daily goal, and there are five of them), if you want more detailed information, you’ll have to sync it up to your phone.

It’s still a great option, though, for those who are just looking for the basics.

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4. Fitbit Charge 3

This Fitbit has a sleek, appealing design, water resistance, an excellent display and an impressive battery life.

It takes a more basic approach, while still featuring some great smartwatch features of the Ionic. For instance, it features smartphone notifications and a 7-day battery life. It also supports gym-tracking, heart monitoring and reminders to move.

The Charge has a sophisticated automatic recognition feature, which picks up on the type of exercise you’re doing and tracks accordingly. You can even store your payment cards on the device, and then use it when you’re out shopping.

You may be disappointed, however, about its lack of GPS tracking. Additionally, the touch screen can also be unresponsive at times. It does the basics well, however.

And if you’re not interest in the high-tech flashiness of the Ionic, while still wanting some of its features, then this is the perfect Fitbit for you.


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