The Ultimate Buying Guide For Purchasing The Best Running Shorts

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Purchasing The Best Running Shorts

There are just a few things you need for going on a run. If you have a good pair of running shoes, a good shirt, and strong legs, you are all set to go.

However, most people underestimate the importance of having good running shorts. Apart from your water bottles, headphones and other accessories, running shorts play an equally important role in helping you perform at your best.

In this buying guide, we aim to highlight all the essential factors you must consider in a good pair of running shorts. We are also going to recommend a few products that are manufactured out of premium quality materials to deliver comfort and durability for brilliant running performance. The guide aims to help you select the best running shorts for you.

Running In Shorts

Some runners prefer wearing compression shorts. These are similar to bicycle shorts without the padding. Compression shorts provide ultimate comfort to runners since they are designed to keep the muscles in place during a long run. That reduces the chance of daily wear and tear and injuries during a long running session. Many people believe that these are the best running shorts for a marathon.

If you like to run for fitness or training purposes, investing in the right pair of running shorts is beneficial to boost your stamina and prevent muscle injuries. Thanks to the compressive nature of these shorts, your muscles remain warm and do not get easily damaged.

However, some runners shy away from compression shorts since they fit so tightly to the body. There are plenty of other options for runners who are looking for premium quality materials and innovative designs. Another thing to consider before purchasing running shorts is whether you want a liner. Liners are good options for runners who experience chafing during a run. The best running shorts with liner are those that prevent chafing while allowing you to run long distances comfortably.

In this buying guide, we intend to highlight all the essential features that you must consider before investing in a favorite pair of shorts. In our running shorts review, we have also recommended some of the best running shorts to ease your buying experience.

All running shorts that we have mentioned undergo rigorous quality checks and are manufactured out of the best quality materials to ensure a perfect fit.

Best Men’s Running Shorts

Winner: Under Armour Micro Running Shorts

Our proud winner of this category is none other than The Under Armour Micro Shorts. The best part about these shorts is its efficient Moisture Transport System that guarantees comfort to wear running accessory.

  • Efficient moisture transport system for wicking sweat away from the body
  • Durable and light-weight design to help runners move with ease
  • Loose fit for more mobility
  • plus-circle
    Breathable and durable material
  • plus-circle
    Mesh hand pockets for storing valuables
  • plus-circle
    Covered Elastic Waistband for a personalized fit

Not only the garment is excellent at wicking moisture, but it also ensures a lightweight design that also offers incredible durability. Thanks to its stretchable and breathable fabric, runners can run for longer miles without experiencing any irritation.

Buyers who have purchased these fantastic running shorts are in love with its durability and incredibly functional design. Runners get a wide range of motion for a non-restrictive run, enhanced by a loose fit to add maximum comfort. Truly one of the best men’s running shorts in the market right now.

If you like to keep small essentials in your running shorts, there are also handy pockets to offer ample storage for busy runners. The product has received several positive reviews from a large number of customers on All interested buyers can purchase a wide range of colors and sizes starting from almost $18-$35.

Runner-Up: New Balance Men's Accelerate 7” Shorts

We have all witnessed extremely short running shorts in the past. But since new running shorts are available in all sizes, people of ages and heights can safely invest in good running shorts.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Athletic running shorts with elastic waistband, reflective logo, and side pockets
  • Internal brief and drawcord
  • plus-circle
    NB Dry moisture-wicking system
  • plus-circle
    Storage pocket

The New Balance Men’s Accelerate 7” is an excellent fit for people who are likely to develop an uncomfortable downstairs chafe midway through a marathon. 

The New Balance Accelerate 7” benefits from a lightning dry fabric to keep moisture at bay. Now you can stay dry no matter how long you run. That is a fantastic running accessory to provide ultimate comfort. Internal briefs enhance the support of the shorts for a secure interior fit whereas reflective detailing offers improved visibility in low-light conditions.

New Balance Men’s Accelerate Running Shorts



Buyers love its internet key pocket that offers sufficient amount of space to keep small items safely. The extra utility makes them one of the best running shorts with pockets.

Another great thing about the shorts is that its woven fabric effortlessly glides through the wind as you keep the chill off during an intense run. The shorts are offered in multiple colors to attract runners of all tastes and silver reflective accents improve your visibility.

The shorts have received plenty of positive reviews from dozens of customers on where the shorts are available in different sizes. The price of the shorts starts from just over $18 and go up to $42.

Alternative: Adidas Men's Response Running Shorts

The Adidas Response is the perfect running accessory to fuel your running passion. These are a great pair of shorts to keep you motivated throughout a run. The excellent fabric and great finish makes them one of the best long running shorts in the market right now.

  • Climalite fabric wicks moistures
  • Features a pocket in the waistband
  • Regular fit
  • plus-circle
  • plus-circle
    Drawcord on elastic waist and reflective details

Thanks to its Climalite fabric, the sweat quickly evaporates so runners always remain dry. The shorts are designed to offer a regular fit and also feature reflective details and a handy pocket on the waistband.

Adidas Men's Response Running Shorts



The Adidas Response is excellent running shorts for both amateurs and professions as the built-in mesh briefs, and an elasticated waistband provides a comfortable fit for a smooth running experience. A single zip pocket is finished off with the iconic three stripes to the sides with a reflective Adidas logo printed to the bottom for creating a long-lasting impression. 

If you are looking for the perfect pair of running shorts to keep you fresh throughout a long run, few models provide the comfort runners need than the Men's Response 7" shorts. The shorts feature mesh side panels for maximum breathability and have reflective details. The item is manufactured out of recycled polyester to cut down on emissions and preserve resources.

Best Women’s Running Shorts

Winner: Nike’s Women Tempo Shorts

Running shorts are not just for men. Several reputed brands continue to produce upgraded versions of successful running shorts for women. Nothing can go wrong with a pair of Nike shorts. The impressive running shorts guarantee a smooth performance thanks to its vibrant and lightweight design.

  • Manufactured out of 100T polyester
  • Drawstring closure
  • Machine wash
  • plus-circle
    Nike Dri-Fit technology for maximum moisture management in extreme temperatures
  • plus-circle
    Customizable Elastic Waistband for a perfect fit
  • plus-circle
    Internal Key Pocket and Built-in briefs
  • plus-circle
    Mesh panels for comfort and breathability

Not only the Nike’s Women Tempo boasts a premium quality sweat-wicking fabric, but the shorts also have a contemporary design for running in style. 

These training and running shorts are ideal for an adventurous female athlete who likes to push her physical limits to display a remarkable running performance. Whether you are running cross-country or sprinting, you will never regret investing in this trendy pair of running shorts.

One of the most incredible features of the Tempo Shorts is its unique Dri-Fit feature, which is advanced fabric technology. Dri-Fit claims to deliver optimal moisture wicking capabilities, so female athletes feel less discomfort while running. Mesh panels at the side-seams also enhance this feature for added comfort.

The Nike Women Tempo Shorts rank as the bests running shorts for women. The product has received rave reviews from customers who have purchased this model from

If you are interested in buying a branded pair of running shorts that offer maximum comfort and durability, order the Tempo shorts today. All models start from as low as $11 and go up to $200.

Runner-Up: Women's Fly-By Shorts By Under Armour

Our runner-up is the incredible Women's Fly By Shorts manufactured by Under Armour. The brand is a household name for producing light-weight and premium quality running shorts for both men and women.

  • Manufactured out of 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Lightweight stretch fabric for maximum durability and comfort
  • plus-circle
    Efficient moisture transport system for keeping you dry
  • plus-circle
    Shaped hem for improving coverage without looking bulky
  • plus-circle
    Breathable mesh side panels for more ventilation
  • plus-circle
    Wide covered elastic waistband to offer a comfortable fit

However, this particular model features stretch fabric with optimal moisture-wicking capabilities to offer today's women a hassle-free running experience. Your skin remains cool and dry whereas the built-in briefs provide breathability and enhance airflow for added comfort.

The Fly-By shorts are designed mainly for running in hot temperatures. The mesh side panels make room for ventilation. Multiple pockets help runners keep their valuable items with them during a run making these one of the best running shorts for women with pockets.

If you are looking for a high quality running shorts with premium quality moisture-wicking fabric to focus on your performance, the Under Armour Fly-By gives you an affordable way to run without sweating.

The shorts come in plenty of colors to suit everyone's taste. The fabric quickly stretches but retains its shape no matter how many times you wash it.

The shaped hem contributes to a contemporary design without making the shorts look bulky. This shape is also less intrusive than other regular shorts that restrict movement. If you like to run in the dark, the shorts have good reflective details to promote safety while running.

The product has collected a good share of positive reviews from customers who have purchased it from and ranked as one of the best running shorts for a marathon. All female athletes and fitness enthusiasts can buy the Fly-By shorts by Under Armour today by ordering their preferred color and size. All models range from just over $13 to $70.

Benefits Of Wearing Running Shorts

All running and training shorts are designed to facilitate runners so they can perform well. Some of the popular brands are known for creating durable, moisture-wicking and comfortable running shorts design upgraded products, keeping in mind the needs of today’s runners.

Good running shorts allow an increased range of movement and more comfort for a more extended run. If you like to exercise in shorts, running shorts offer a practical solution to keep you dry during an intense workout session. Synthetic fabric blends including nylon and lycra allow runners to stretch for giving more comfort. Shorts with these materials are usually considered the best shorts for a marathon.

Running shorts manufactured out of synthetic fabric ensures maximum moisture management. It is natural to feel discomfort when you begin to sweat during a running session. However, running shorts are designed to keep you dry and allow more air-flow for excellent ventilation. Breathable fabrics and mesh panels make sure that you always remain dry.

Men Running In Shorts

Moreover, running shorts also offer good inner support, so runners don' need to wear new innerwear. This feature lowers the risk of chafing and also ensures excellent moisture management. The best running shorts with liner make it incredibly easy for people to go running whenever, wherever without worrying about innerwear.

Another great thing about running shorts is that most designs are light-weight and have pockets so you can keep a few essentials while running. Running shorts with pockets make it much easier to carry mobiles, car keys or other essentials with you if you are planning to go on a quick hike.

Investing in a good pair of running shorts offer goes a long way to have durable running apparel in your wardrobe. If you are prone to get rashes on your sensitive skin after a long run, there are plenty of moisture-wicking and water-resistant running shorts to keep you cool and dry. Now runners don’t have to get too sweaty for giving their best running performance.

Before you buy a favorite pair of running shorts to display excellent running performance, you must consider a few things in your chosen product. Moreover, a good pair of running shorts will help to wick away moisture and are usually water resistant,

How To Buy The Best Running Shorts?

Running shorts are available for a wide range of price tags. Some models come at an exorbitant price whereas other pairs are pretty affordable. It is always better to check reviews and ratings of a product before you purchase an expensive pair of running shorts. Here are a few things you must keep in mind before buying running shorts:


Thanks to their popularity, running shorts are manufactured for both men and women. They are also available in several unisex styles and feature different gender-specific features.

Men’s running shorts boast a specific cut to fit the male body. These shorts have a more extended inseam and a built-in liner to give more support to the groin area. This feature takes care of chafing and discomfort among male runners.

Likewise, women's shorts are designed to fit the female body. The shorts fit nicely around the hips, thighs, and the torso of a female athlete with less room in the groin.

When the cuts of women's and men's running shorts are combined, you get unisex shorts. Although such shorts don't have gender-specific support features, they are pretty useful for chafing prevention. They are not the best running shorts in terms of performance, but can get the job done for casual running.


All running shorts are designed to offer maximum breathability. However, cheap and mediocre products often fail to provide the kind of breathability you require for running in hot weather.

Illustration Of Breathability

Opt for a light-weight pair that comes with a mesh inner lining for removing the need of innerwear. Women frequently choose shorts that provide excellent ventilation and have mesh inserts on the sides. Best running shorts for women are designed with the type of material that gives excellent breathability and easy movement when running.


One of the most important features to look for in a good pair of running shorts is its fabric. Most products have natural or synthetic fibers and manufacturers are always testing new materials to create the best running shorts for their customers.

Synthetic Fibers

If you choose an artificial fiber-based product, then you get a good fit thanks to a stretch fabric. Most of today's favorite running shorts are polyester or polyester-spandex blend. Some shorts are also produced out of a nylon blend to offer a good fit. These shorts provide proper moisture management for preventing discomfort due to excessive sweating.

Natural Fiber

If you are looking for natural fibers, many running shorts are cotton. Such products offer good movement and stretch but do not have good moisture-wicking abilities. That can result in chafing and irritation.

Moreover, natural fiber shorts are not as durable as synthetic fiber shorts, particularly when exposed to high heat. Synthetic fiber is more durable and provides a better fit with remarkable moisture-control. Hence, we recommend you to invest in this kind of fabric for optimal performance.


Most products come with a built-in liner, so you don't have to wear innerwear. Liners offer good moisture-management for keeping runners sweat-free. Some of the best running shorts with a liner are favored by athletes as they offer comfort and ease of running. If you are looking for a dry, comfortable and relaxed running experience, choose a pair with a soft liner.

Moisture Control

Another thing to look for in a good pair of running shorts is its moisture control features. There is no point of spending a fortune on a pair if it fails to keep you dry in hot temperatures. Choose a breathable material that is also water-resistant. Quick drying and moisture control are features of comfortable and durable running shorts.


Most runners, who like to keep a few essentials safe while running, often choose shorts with a small pocket. This way they can keep their valuables safe and also store a few snacks to fuel their running adventure. Running shorts with pockets make normal shorts great for long jogs.

Putting Cellphone In Shorts Pocket


If you often run in the dark, always choose a pair that has good reflective detail for preventing accident or injuries. There are plenty of lighter colored shorts on the market that feature reflective strips for more visibility and added safety.


Although running shorts are primarily manufactured to keep you dry and comfortable during running, you can still look trendy by choosing different styles and designs. Running shorts are usually designed with a dark or sporty look to make them more attractive for runners.


Shorter shorts offer multiple benefits to runners. They fit closer to the body and let you move without any restriction. You get better airflow and ventilation for excellent moisture control. They are mostly considered the best running shorts for women as they prefer shorter shorts but lately, men are also opting for them to get easier and faster movement.

Longer Shorts

If you like to opt for longer shorts, there are many products you can select. Some runners want to run with longer shorts as they find these items more comfortable. Longer shorts are still above the knee so you can opt for these designs if you like to run for shorter distances.

Compression Shorts

Another favorite type of running shorts is compression shorts. These shorts are useful for protecting the muscles from the daily wear and tear due to running. Although heavy-weight runners avoid wearing compression shorts, these accessories are great for causing less fatigue after a long run.

Favorite lycra compression shorts offer excellent support to your legs and thighs. If you already in great shape, there is nothing more satisfying than running in compression shorts for stretching your muscles without an injury.


Thanks to increasing popularity of running shorts, brands continue manufacturing running shorts in a wide range of vivid colors. Now you can choose your favorite pair of running shorts in any color you like.

Whether you want to run in the morning or looking for an evening jog accessory, all training and running shorts are available in vibrant and light colors with reflective patches to keep you safe at night. Running shorts reviews on Amazon suggest that most customers still prefer black, blue or red shorts compared to other colors.


Naturally, you would want a suitable range according to your preferences and body type. Split style shorts are ideal for running in comfort but may not be for people of all ages.

Running Shorts In Different Length

Choose the length that allows you to move your muscles freely for a super-comfortable running experience. Also keep the weather in mind. If you will mostly be running in cold weather, the best long running shorts for you would be different than the ones you might choose in the summer.


There is a reason why manufacturers continue to make running shorts with upgraded features. Not only these running accessories help you run faster, running shorts are designed to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

If you are tired of running with sweaty legs and thighs, it’s time to invest in a branded pair of running shorts to help you run with optimal comfort. You can choose from the best running shorts for men or women with complete choice over style, color and comfort.

We have included all vital information in this buying guide to help you make the best decision. The products we have mentioned in this guide are quite popular due to their premium quality build and incredible moisture wicking features. Moreover, running shorts are available for men and women of all body types. Best running shorts for marathons are the ones that keep you comfortable on long runs without causing any chafing.

Running keeps you fit and healthy. As more and more people are becoming health conscious, we expect the number of people who go for regular runs to increase in the coming years. Make sure you invest in the right running apparel to make the most out of this beneficial physical activity.

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