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Distance Gear: The Benefits of Men’s Running Shorts with a Compression Liner

The Benefits of Men’s Running Shorts with a Compression Liner

For long runs, the clothing you wear is more important than ever. Here’s why you should try mens running shorts with compression liner.

Do you prefer form, fashion, or function in your running gear?

Guys, you don’t have to choose, men’s running shorts with compression liners are stylish and they can also improve your running performance.  

What Is Compression Gear? 

Running shorts come in different materials, lengths, and have different purposes.

Compression gear is typically made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex.  It fits snugly and limits unwanted movement.  In addition, the compression improves circulation in both the blood and lymphatic system. 

Read on to learn about the many benefits of compression gear for running.  

What Are the Benefits of Men’s Running Shorts with Compression Liner?


Many downplay the role of compression gear for running saying it is just a placebo.

Don’t discount the power of placebos.  Placebos have been shown to have a healing effect and provide a documented increase in confidence.

Most athletes, regardless of their performance level, have activities that they repeat. Repetition of specific activities increases performance, for reasons we don’t always understand.

For example, many runners have specific training activities, or wear lucky socks, or only eat specific meals before races. The science behind these types of activities is small.  

But, consistency in training, and in gear use, raises confidence. The increase in confidence also increases performance.  Win Win. 

So placebo or not, if compression gear works for you, ignore the rest and follow your own path. 

How Running Shorts with Compression Liners Affect Key Areas.



Let’s start with one of the biggest challenges for all runners, especially distance runners. Men’s compression shorts with liners minimize, and in many cases, prevent chaffing. Liners can be of varying length to fit your personal style but serve to solve one of the biggest challenges in running.

Minimizing movement. Over a long run, a hard sprint workout, or cross-training session any bouncing can be uncomfortable.  That discomfort distracts you from your focus.  It also dampens your training.

Compression pants with a cup liner can furth minimize bounce. Plus, no one wants to be constantly re-adjusting shorts that move as you train. Problem 2 solved through a simple pair of shorts.


A 2015 study explored the impact of compression socks.  It documented a 2.6% increase in an average treadmill time, as measured by a run to exhaustion, at 2 weeks after the marathon. 

The group not wearing compression socks showed a significant decrease in performance, down 3.4% of their time to exhaustion, on a treadmill.

Bottom Line: An increase in performance with compression a decrease in performance without compression.  

We all want a faster recovery, therefore, using compression gear can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

The Research?

When looking at the summary of multiple studies, the benefit of compression gear during and after workouts was found. 

It appears there may be a bigger benefit of compression gear compared to compression after training; verses during training. The research in this area is still limited but is promising. If you could increase your performance over time by simply wearing compression liners after a workout.  Hmmm, most would.

The Mechanisms Behind the Benefits of Compression Gear. 

The human body has multiple built-in adaptations to improve performance as individuals train.  Compression gear capitalizes on the body’s natural adaptations by giving them a boost. A natural benefit, without, a chemical push.

Compression shorts increase venous return. Venus blood is the blood returning to the heart and lungs after the nutrients are removed by working muscles.

Speeding up circulation speeds the clearing of the waste products and delivery of oxygen. This speeds up the recovery process and improves endurance performance.  

Compression may also increase strength and power through the process of pre-loading the muscles. Compression forces the muscles to store power, and when the power is released, it increases.  

Compression garments were originally developed for medical purposes, such as treating edema and swelling the existing in ankles. Reducing ankle swelling also helps to speed recovery and therefore includes performance.  

Running shorts with compression lining improves athletic performance and increases recovery.  

Is There More?

Compression shorts can also improve temperature control by providing more warmth for working muscles in cold temperatures. This improves the rate of nutrient exchange which is a performance enhancement. 

Once damp, compression shorts can improve the ability to cool working muscles in hotter temperatures.  

Things to Keep in Mind

Don’t forget to be an educated consumer, just because a company says it is true, doesn’t make it so. Don’t fall for the latest fads.  

Should You Seek Out Men’s Compression Shorts that Contain Cooper?

The short answer is no. Tommie Copper was forced to pay 13.5 Million in damages for deceptive advertising charges. Cooper doesn’t increase the benefits of compression shorts.

Will there be the next Tommie Copper claim? Yes, so see above, or follow us to stay up to date.

Unsure of the Fashion Rules Surrounding Wearing Compression Shorts?

Some men’s compression shorts are designed to be worn as a base layer. Others are designed to be worn alone. Read the tags so you don’t end up underdressed, or overexposed, for your workout. 

Runners need both function and fashion. In running, there are many needs to stay on top of the current needs by reviewing our Runner’s buying guide- online.    

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